Ecoport = recycling

We are a company set on the firm foundations: a few decades of experience in the metal industry and a modern, innovative technology that merge our potential with the current standards of recycling of metals and electronic components.

We see potential where others see waste.

We live in a world where we are forced to use more and more electronic equipment. The electronic accessories sector implements new, improved solutions at a fast pace. There is no denying that our comfort creates a major problem: a huge amount of electronic scrap. Our company was created to solve this problem.
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Ecoport was founded by a team of professionals who have been working in the metal recycling sector for twenty years. We are fully committed to hiring and training our staff so that our mission to free the Earth of the electric and electronic scrap could be carried out in the most effective way. We guarantee the best conditions for our partners who produce materials used in the modern equipment.
Computers, phones, multimedia equipment, household appliances; all devices that use electronics have become a natural part in all aspects of our lives. They are the most commonly purchased goods that are very often changed for new models. Consequently, something has to be done with the old ones. These days, electronic waste is not just a proverbial elephant in the room, it has become a question of paramount importance.
Until recently, companies such as Ecoport have been trying to fight the illegal practice of dumping the used electronics by offering reasonable conditions for equipment recycling. Nowadays, eco-friendly laws are being introduced in all the countries of the world and an embargo have been imposed against export and disposal of used elecronic equpiment outside the Occident. Ecoport is an entirely green company. Our resources allow us to process the parts with electronic components into raw materials and semi-finished products that can be succesfully and legally used in new products all around the world, simultaneously keeping our planet clean.

Ecoport in numbers

We are a buoyant, dynamically developing company. The following numbers speak for themselves.
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We are eco!

The most imprtant thing is that we help the world to treat electronic waste in an environmentally friendly manner!

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