recykling sprzętu komputerowego

We process electronic scrap.

We are a leader in e-scrap recycling.

Electronic scrap recycling.

There are three basic types of electronic scrap recycling. Ecoport focuses on the 1st and, in particular, on the 3rd type recycling. We are a leader of the 3rd type recycling in Poland.
Recykling elektroniki I stopnia
E-scrap recycling level 1

Covers the repair and upgrading of electronic components in order to reuse and sell them.

Recykling elektroniki II stopnia
E-scrap recycling level 2

Covers the dismantling of electronic components so they can be used in the production of new equipment.

Recykling elektroniki III stopnia
E-scrap recycling level 3

Covers sorting and shredding of the electronic scrap in order to recover materials.

“Qualified personnel and the best equipment. ”

We are committed to keeping our personnel qualified and working with the highest quality equipment.

We recycle hundreds of tons of raw materials monthly.

Our company focuses on the 3rd level recyling, which covers sorting and shredding of electronic parts in order to recover renewables such as gold, neodymium, platinum, silver, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We recycle, among others:

skup i recykling dysków hdd
HDD and SSD hard drives
skup i recykling płyt głównych
skup i recykling napędów cd/dvd
CD/DVD drives
skup i recykling płytek sterujących sprzętu AGD/RTV
from household appliances
Ecoport - recykling elektroniki Częstochowa
skup komputerów Częstochowa

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