Electronic waste

The technology race is on – we have become eyewitnesses to the rushing digitalisation of our lives. Whether speaking of computers, phones, household appliances, audio/video devices or cars, we depend on innovation and smart management systems to improve our living comfort and safety.

The development of the electronics industry should go hand in hand with building environmental awareness – discarding electronic waste has a negative impact on the environment. Toxins released from e-waste penetrate the ground and the air we breathe. There are many metals trapped in electronic waste that can be given a second life.


Electronics buy-back

At Ecoport, we know how to manage e-waste safely. Recycling electronic scrap is not a choice – it is a necessity! By disposing your waste electronic equipment at our buy-back centre, you become an ambassador for sustainability. At the same time, you protect the Earth’s natural resources and support further technological development.

We have our own technological facilities for processing a wide range of electronic waste.

We buy, among others:
• HDDs,
• CD/DVD drives,
• floppy disk drives,
• computer power supplies,
• telecommunication boards,
• printed circuit boards,
• motherboards,
• RAMs,
• other computer parts and electronic components.

Waste electronics buy-back

We are the European leader in hard disk recycling – in our e-waste treatment plant, we can fully recycle any hard disk, recovering from it pure fractions of metals such as aluminium, copper, chromium and steel.

At Ecoport, we process electronic waste with respect for the environment (ISO 14001) and to the highest quality standards (ISO 9001). . By working with us, you can be assured that the equipment you hand over will be recycled and the recovered, valuable raw materials reused.

We buy used electronics and e-waste both from individual customers and commercially. We can collect large commercial consignments at your address, both in Poland and abroad.


Yes, you can sell e-waste in any quantity at our buy-back centre. Contact us in person at our registered office: Ecoport Sp. z o.o. sp. k., ul. Podkolejowa 1/5a 42-200 Częstochowa.

We buy small electronic waste from computers, server rooms, telecommunication devices, as well as from household appliances and audio/video devices. We buy, among others: HDDs, CD/DVD drives, floppy disk drives, computer power supplies, telecommunication boards, PCBs, motherboards, RAM and others. Before you give us your electronic waste make sure it is listed in our price list or contact us.

We update the electronic waste price list directly on our website. You can find it here LINK. You can also ask our staff directly about the price of e-waste or call the office +48 782 781 781. For large wholesale deliveries, we recommend contacting our sales representative, who will prepare an individual offer for you.

We cooperate with individual and commercial clients in Poland and abroad. We will be happy to establish cooperation with e-waste buy-back centres, entities producing electronic waste in the course of their business, manufacturers of computer electronics and electronics of household appliances and audio/video devices, as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment processing plants in Poland and abroad.

Yes, we work with companies both from Poland and from European countries. We purchase and process waste electronic components from computers, household appliances and audio/video devices as well as fractions from the processing of waste electronic equipment. Contact us to complete the necessary formalities and arrange convenient terms of cooperation.

Yes, we have a vehicle fleet and, based on previous arrangements with customers, we can collect electronic scrap from our Partners both from Poland and businesses operating abroad.